All Year 10 and Year 12 students are encouraged to secure work experience in the Summer term in an organisation or company that reflects the career ideas that the student has, or where he/she will gain a valuable insight into the world of work and develop key skills. Work Experience is a valuable milestone in a students academic career and can positively challenge their pre-existing ideas of the workplace. Your support in assisting them to find a suitable placement is therefore immeasurable.

When is Work Experience?

2025 DATES

Year 10 - Monday 30th June - 4th July 2025 (5 days)

Year 12 - Monday 7th July - Friday 11th July 2025 (5 days)

Finding a placement

As a general rule most students will secure a placement through links with family and friends. You can also look through the weekly Opportunities Bulletin which regularly features a wide variety of work experience links and resources. Additionally, the Student Information booklet link shown below gives additional guidance on how to find placements. 

Health and Safety

All potential placements are checked to ensure that they meet the appropriate health and safety requirements and have public liability insurance etc. Please be aware that if companies do NOT have Employer Liability Insurance or if they are sole traders they will not be approved.

Virtual Placements

In recent years many employers have run virtual work experience programmes throughout the year, including during school holidays. Many of these virtual opportunities offer many benefits to students. We do however encourage ALL students to secure a face-to-face placement and would only support a virtual placement if no alternative was available. We would advise parents/carers to be aware of any placements your son/daughter is signing up to as we cannot take any responsibility for the content of any online programmes.

NB: Yr 10 students are all required to have a face-to-face placement and would not normally have a virtual placement approved.

Some websites that list virtual vacancies include:

For any queries regarding Y10 WORK EXPERIENCE please contact Mrs Newton at

For any queries regarding Y12 WORK EXPERIENCE please contact Ms Jacques at

Work Experience Documents & Forms

Year 10

Year 10 WEX Documents

Year 12

Year 12 WEX Documents