Prayer to celebrate our Platinum Jubilee Year

Heavenly Father,

In this Jubilee year of our school, we pray for our school community.

Lord, we thank you for the founders, teachers, students, and all those who have contributed to the rich tapestry of our school's history. Your blessings have been evident in the academic achievements, personal growth, and countless memories that have shaped the lives of those who have been a part of this community.

We commit this Jubilee year into your hands, trusting in your continued guidance and provision. May it be a year of growth, gratitude, and grace.


70th Anniversary

Challoner is 70,

It’s 70 today.

From Welford to Coughlan,

The schools not in disarray.


A second home to many students,

Throughout the years its stood.

We celebrate completeness on this very sacred mud.


We celebrate its old age and how its full of wisdom,

It’s a family, a community and one could say a kingdom.


7 is a spiritual number,

It’s seen in almost every religion.

For us: it’s the creation story, the sacraments and perfection.


Whilst 0 means infinity,

It has no beginning and no end.

It marks the start of new journeys,

It allows you to transcend.


Challoner is 70,

It’s 70 today.

We celebrate how far it’s come,

And its history this day.


May this poem be a reminder of the 70 years that’s passed.

And we pray another 70 years Challoner will last.


By AJ, Year 13

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