Bishop Challoner Catholic College offers a wide range of sports programmes within the community.  There is plenty for children and adults to do at  Bishop Challoner Sports Centre.  We offer a variety of activities throughout the year including half - term and summer programmes.  Activities range from gymnastics to judo. 

Extended Services partnership is an extension to our community work.  This program engages children in success and achievement in both their academic and personal lives through fun activities within a positive environment.  The ultimate function is to ensure effective intervention is in place outside of school hours.

School Sports Partnerships (SSPs) supports the ethos of Bishop Challoner Catholic College, sharing facilities, good practice and to increasing the amount of time young people were involved in PE and School Sport. Over the years,  SSP's have been working to support the development and delivery of PE and School Sport in local primary, special and secondary schools involving approximately 15, 000 young people aged 4-16.