Bishop Challoner Catholic College is a community of faith where we give glory to God by developing our full potential. Our Mission Statement runs through daily life at Bishop Challoner through our service to others. As a Catholic school, our aim is to develop a community which is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ.



  • Our school is a place that inspires and engages young minds.
  • Our school believes in democracy and the laws of the country, where every individual has a voice
  • that is heard and respected, no matter what their faith or belief.
  • Our school values discussion, debate and learning from others.
  • Our school believes that division belongs in mathematics, not the classroom.
  • There is no place for extremism in our school.


With our ethos based firmly within the Gospel Values and Christ at the centre of our educational enterprise, we seek to develop our students academically, spiritually, culturally and morally; to give them the qualifications to enhance future life chances and the moral compass to contribute positively to society.

Our School Prayer is at the heart of our school and seen on a daily basis as students enter the main school foyer. Students and staff regularly pray the school prayer together.




We want God's love to be at the heart of our school community. We focus on the Gospel values and live these out throughout our day so we can share the word of God to all who we encounter. We are asked to make disciples of all nations and by living out the gospel values, this is one small way we can do this whilst keeping our faith at the centre.


Each department also have prayers where they start or finish their classes with their department prayer.

Department Prayers