Update: May 2022

Our new English block is nearing completion and grand opening.

New Build - May 2022

Update: Auditorium

The new partition is now complete, it will remain out for the majority of the year with the exception of exams, performances and events.  

Update: Auditorium

Iron going into the auditorium to install our new partition and create a new teaching space! Maximising use of space.

New Build - Auditorium

Update: February 2022


Recent aerial images of the new build from the school drone.

New Build - January 2022 v2

Update: January 2022

Click on an image for more information.

New Build - January 2022

Update: January 2022

Window installation taking place on the new build along with first fix installations inside. English department starting to get excited for the new English block.


Update: December 2021

The sky bridge link now has the frames in place for window installation.  Access has been broken through at SEND and Maths block ends. Nearly there!

Our new English block is now getting closer to sealing the build!

New Build - December 2021

Update:  October 2021

A recent image of the works taking place to build our new six classroom English block. Estimated finish February 2022.


Update: September 2021


Works on our six classroom new build has continued over the summer months. The steelwork frame is now in place. Work is currently taking place to prepare the floors for pouring. Great for the students and staff to see on their return to school.


The removal of the stairwell by downstairs Art/DT and upstairs humanities is now complete. Works are ongoing to install the false ceiling. The Art department will take on the responsibility of choosing the colours for the creative area of the school and for displaying our students amazing art work. This will make a huge difference to the circulation within the school and has really opened up this space.

Work is continuing upstairs on the sky bridge link which will have floor to ceiling windows and will connect the humanities corridor with upper maths and the upper floor toilets.

Upstairs Toilets

Our upstairs maths block toilets are now completed and handed back to the school. The bright colours and open plan look has gone down very well with our students and staff.

Work continues on our ground floor toilets. They will will have a similar colour scheme and open plan design. These developments will increase our toilet provision across the school and give these areas a fresh modern feel to them.


Over the years our stage has changed its focus to cater for so many things.. it was a stage where students and staff once performed, a classroom, a place to play table tennis, a grab & go, an extension on the canteen! It has now been removed. Works are ongoing and our new extended canteen with additional mezzanine will be open from October. This will be a great addition to the school to give our students a positive dining experience with plenty of space to sit.

New Build-September 2021

Update: 12th May 2021
Drone footage

Update: 08th March 2021
CAFOS have now delivered the welfare on the school site and we are hopeful that the external works for the six-classroom new build will start in due course. We are also hopeful that the refurbishment of the interior toilets on the ground floor and first floor will start shortly. Please see the plans below for the new build. An exciting time for the school. 


New Build_Photo Gallery



1st March 2021
Bishop Challoner Catholic College welcomes GNA Surveyors (Nottingham) and CAFOS Construction (Birmingham), to our school. They will be responsible for building our new six classroom build on the front of our school next to the auditorium. As part of the new build they will also be carrying out some internal works that will increase the circulation of the school, upgrade and increase our toilet provision on the ground and first floor, connect our maths block with humanities with an upstairs bridge link, and will also increase the size of our canteen to give our students a better experience during break and lunch times. This is a very exciting project for the school and one that will benefit the students and staff. Please see some of the artist impressions of the finished new build above.



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